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This set of stainless steel trimming tools comes with 11 different shapes and were hand made by master potter Hsin-Chuen Lin.
The stainless steel trimming tools stay sharply longer, rust free and easier to rinse clean.


  • Resharpening instruction:

 If you don't have a power grinder, you can use a fine diamond file or a  sand paper filing/sanding the inner part of the tools, and you should be able to keep the tools sharp again.


Please watch the videos on how to use the stainless steel tools for trimming and creating chattering texture.

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To watch how to use measuring tools:



Wooden Ribs for Throwing Perfect Bowls

© Copy right #TXu 1-961-453

The Round Ribs are for Throwing Perfect Bowls Design by Master Potter Hsinchuen Lin.
These wooden pottery tools are made of exortic wood and are great for making nice bowls.

To watch how I use the round rib in throwing bowls, please visit my Youtube videos:


Care and maintenance:

They should not be left in the water or shurry bucket for a long time. After finishing, use a sponge to clean the surface, and set out to dry. In a couple weeks, apply mineral oil (my student use olive oil) on the surface and you can continue to enjoy their beauty and function!

To whatch more of my throwing videos, please visit my Youtube channel:



Please Click the Pictures to Link to my ETSY Shop to Order the Throwing Round Ribs and Stretching Sticks

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