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Basic Centering Techniques

Pulling/Lifting Techniques

Basic Trimming

Throwing Various Bowls

Throwing Lidded Jar

Ram's Head & Spiral Wedging

Clean up & Recycling

Opening After Centering 

Ribbing/Shaping Techniques

Closing/Narrow-Necked Techniques

Trimming/Chattering & Tap Centering

Pulling/Attaching Handles

Making Repeated Shapes

Tips on Drying Process

For more tutorial videos please click the icon to link to my youTube channel

For 40 years of pottery experience, I make fine pottery on the potter's wheel.

I have shown my work nationally and internationally, and won many awards. My work has been featured in many books and magazines, such as The Best of Pottery, The Ceramic Design Book, 500 Vases, Ceramic Art in Taiwan, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times. I have been selling my work to select U.S. galleries and national jury craft shows. Also, My work have been in museums and private collection all over the world.

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