Artist Statement


My work has been strongly influenced by traditional vessel forms, particularly early Chinese objects. Bronzes from the Shang and Zhou periods and pottery from the Sung dynasty have provided me with several thousand years of culture resource for my creativity. Also, the freedom and spontaneous of making pots which I learned from the American contemporary ceramics broadened my view.  I like to integrate culture influences into my work using contemporary concept and techniques.


Most of my pots were made on a potter’s wheel. After the pieces were formed, they were then pinched, punched, torn, or squeezed.  I like the organic looking of the clay forms. Spraying glaze and reduction fired is the usual process that I used.  I don’t apply many fancy glazes on my work. The dry glaze and reduction fire matched the texture naturally.  I like to make strong forms that need no embellishment. To me, the forms express themselves strongly, and more importantly the process of making pots itself is the most enjoyable thing.


For more than 30 years of pottery experience, I make fine pottery on the potter's wheel.

I have shown my work nationally and internationally, and won many awards. My work has been featured in many books and magazines, such as The Best of Pottery, The Ceramic Design Book, 500 Vases, Ceramic Art in Taiwan, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times. I have been selling my work to select U.S. galleries and national jury craft shows. Also, My work have been in museums and private collection in Taiwan and all over the United States.

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